Pittsburgh Tank Corporation can provide shipping to any destination worldwide. For small loads and parts UPS, Federal Express and Common Carriers are used. Larger tanks and pieces are handled by Pittsburgh Tank personally.

Pittsburgh Tank Corporation operates and owns its own fleet of trucks and has a wide variety of trailers to handle your needs. We operate a well-maintained and dependable fleet. All of our tractors are less than two years old, thus minimizing the potential for mechanical breakdown.

We have standard flat bed trailers and single drops for legal to slightly oversized loads. For larger tanks up to 58 ft. long, we have custom double drop perimeter frame trailers. For 14 ft. and 15 ft. diameter tanks, we have custom stretch trailers capable of handling 15 ft. diameter up to 75 ft. long. For those customers requesting self-unloading, we have trailers capable of self-unloading a 12 ft. diameter by 75 ft. long tank.