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The Pittsburgh Tank Corporation Bin Activator is designed and manufactured as one of the most effective ways to discharge dry materials on a first-in first-out principal. If you would like to minimize the chances of product clogging or inconsistent feeding, then we recommend using a Pittsburgh Tank Corporation Bin Activator.

Pittsburgh Tank engineers have designed a Bin Activator to work by transmitting vibration loads high into the storage area to keep materials flowing evenly, thereby preventing bridging, rat holing, jamming, segregation, and many other maladies associated with bulk storage. Farther down, in the discharge area, it keeps the material from compacting by relieving the head pressure, which in a conventional silo causes compacting in the lower portion of the cone.

Pittsburgh Tank Bin Activators are designed to assist the stored product discharge on a first-in first-out principal. When a bin is filled, the fines usually end up in the middle with larger particles on the periphery. Pittsburgh Tank Corporation Bin Activators allow material to flow under the head from the outer portion of the tank, while also allowing the “core” or center of the material to flow over it and into the discharge. As a result the fines mix with the larger particles to create a more uniform mix.

Each bin activator is designed and manufactured to be an extremely functional, economical, and virtually maintenance free method of keeping a variety of materials flowing for many years of service.

All Pittsburgh Tank Bin Activators meet or exceed most customers’ specifications. Each unit is shipped completely assembled and equipped with many standard features that make a Pittsburgh Tank Corporation bin activator stand out above all others.

Pittsburgh Tank Corporation guarantees customer satisfaction. We provide customer support and service before, during, and after the installation of your new Pittsburgh Tank Bin Activator. We are not satisfied unless our customer is 100% satisfied with Pittsburgh Tank Corporation and the operation of our equipment.

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Bin Activator Dimension Sheet